About Dystonia Europe

Dystonia Europe is the umbrella organisation for national dystonia patient associations in Europe We offer a platform at the European level for everybody with an interest in dystonia and we work together with:
  • patient advocacy groups
  • medical students and junior doctors
  • healthcare professionals
  • researchers and scientists
  • movement disorder specialists
  • pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Vision & Mission:

Our vision is better quality of lives for people living with dystonia in Europe while supporting the search for a cure through the following core activities:
  • Raise awareness and be the leading voice in Europe on the impact of Dystonia.
  • Share the knowledge – provide the latest information and resources for our members and also be the source of information for the other stakeholders.
  • Connect people with Dystonia, member organizations, healthcare professionals, European policymakers and the treatment industry to close the gaps of today’s dystonia treatments.
  • Foster training and education and educate multi disciplinary teams and stakeholders along the dystonia journey to optimize care and improve quality of life.